Strawberries and Strawberries...

When I was first married, I went to a fathering for women in our neighborhood.  It was a brunch, so everyone brought something to niddble on.  For dessert, this recipe was served.  It is a great dessert if you need to feed a lot of people, or you can reduce the recipe in half to just feed your smaller family.   You will love it.  I have used frozen strawberries and fresh ones.  Of course, the fresh ones are to die for, but the frozen ones are a snap to use.  You get to decide which one you want.  Its all yummy!

1 pkg Danish Dessert (you can find this in the same area as the jello)
1-2 pkg fresh strawberries (or 1-2 pkg frozen strawberries).  How much you use depends on how strong a flavor you want.
1 white cake mix
1 pkg (8 oz) of cream cheese
1 c of whipped topping (regular whip cream does not work as well with this recipe)

Make the Danish Dessert sauce according to the pie glaze directions on the package.  Add the berries at the last few minutes if you want to cook the fruit.  You can wait until the pudding has cooled and add uncooked berries then.

Make the cake mix as directed on the package.  This is where you have to make a decision.  If you are serving more than 10-12 people, then use a jello roll pan (greased and floured or sprayed with PAM).  If you are not serving that many than use a 9 x 13 pan.  This can serve as many as 18-20 people with the jelly roll pan.  Cool the cake completely.

Soften the cream cheese and whip it smooth.  Fold in the whipped topping carefully.  Mix well.

Frost the completely cooled cake with the cream cheese mixture.  Top with the fruit topping.



Strawberry Cheesecake for a Crowd PRINTABLE RECIPE