Potato Pancakes (Latkes)

I love potato pancakes. My mother made the best potato pancakes and when I lived in New York in the early to mid 80s, I refined by potato pancake making abilities! My children (especially one daughter in particular) could love and could live off potato pancakes. My husband now loves potato pancakes. So here, try our potato pancakes!

You can eat them alone, or with a meat (they go well with a brisket or a pork chop (for those that eat pork). They are good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

8 medium Idaho potatoes, peeled
1 sweet (Vidalia) onion
Lemon juice
1 c flour
1 c half and half (whole milk can be substituted)
2 eggs, slightly beaten
1 T baking powder (or matzo added to the flour)
2 T melted butter
Salt and pepper to taste

Grate potatoes using a food processor or the large-hole side of a hand grater. Chop onion into a size similar to the grated potato. Combine onion and potatoes. Sprinkle with lemon juice and let drain. Mix flour, half and half, eggs baking powder together. (if using Matzo, add the Matzo to the flour, before mixing in the egg and half and half). Squeeze any excess water from the potatoes and onions. Add the flour/egg mix to the potatoes. Add melted butter. Shape into 3-inch diameter patties, about 1 inch in thickness.

Heat oil in pan. There should be about 1/2 inch of oil in the pan. Make sure oil is hot. You can test by placing a small piece of the batter in the oil. If it sizzles, bubbles and crackles you are good to go. Make sure you remove the test piece. Place no more than four patties into the pan. Let them cook and brown completely on one side before turning. Do not play with them. Just let them be! You will notice that the patties are ready when you can see the potatoes along the side, becoming golden brown. Turn them over and allow them to cook thoroughly on the other side. Remember, you should only turn then ONE TIME!

Remove from pan and place onto a paper towel to drain. Before adding more patties to the oil, remove all pieces. If you keep in the pieces, it will affect the temperature of the oil. Repeat the process until all the patties are cooked.

Serve warm with sour cream and applesauce.