About us...

The Plucky Housewives
Hawley Barrett and Jenni Gile


I am a normal person living in a normal neighborhood, but have a passion for collecting recipes.  Anytime I taste something fabulous, I try HARD to get the recipe. I grew up loving to cook and my aunt, who raised me, passed on her love of cooking to me.

My name is Hawley,(like the Christmas Holly) yep I have been spelling my name my whole life but I love it and its different, which is why I love this blog- - -It is different.  You will love the recipes.  They are family tested and require NO hard to get items. I have been married to my sweetheart Bill for 38 years!! (oh, my gosh, that's a long time) and have 7 wonderful children, 4 boys and 3 girls, who are all married but the youngest son. We have 11 grandchildren, which is the greatest blessing of all.  In 2003 I completed a BS in Marriage, Family and Human Relations.  Have fun cooking and eating these recipes - perhaps you may gain the fifty pounds that I have gained!!! 


Like Hawley, I am a normal girl in a small Midwest town, who liked being a mom more than anything else I ever did.  Now that my 3 children (all college-aged) are out of the house,  I am taking all that experience and putting it into The Plucky Housewives!  

I am Jenni and I love everything about food.  Mainly, because it has been the vehicle to many a fond and loving memory and/or tradition.   I inherited my love for food and entertaining from my mother, who really was at her best when she was in the kitchen!  
I am married to Tom (who is our photographer) and combined, we have four children, all grown and either married or in college.   I am in the last semesters of completing a BS in Computer Science (I am the geek of the group).   I hope you enjoy the plucky experience as much as we enjoy creating it for you!

Hawley and Jenni met, in all places, a kitchen, back in 2008.  They became fast friends and have since, spent a lot of their time sharing their passion for food and their families with each other.  They hope that you too, will find that its not just about the food (especially when the food is so good), but its about family, memories, traditions and most importantly, love.  Enjoy!