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A Dixie Banana Pudding Trifle - my "Chopped" moment...

I have to tell the story behind this one.  I needed to make a dessert for a funeral lunch of a dear friend.  It had been an exhausting weekend and start to the week and my grandiose plans of some fabulous and intricate yummy dessert were left behind because of shear exhaustion.  I looked through the freezer and cupboards and found the following:  A 1/2 sheet cake in the freezer (Florida Citrus flavor) that I originally baked for a going away party the previous weekend. Lemon curd, Coconut curd, Vanilla pudding, Cool Whip,
Chocolate sprinkles,  and a couple of bunches of bananas ready to turn (who was not eating the bananas???)

I wondered what could I do and mulled it over for a few days.  When Wednesday morning came, I woke up and had this idea.  Its a banana pudding/trifle kinda thing.  I can't see to find the right "name" for it.    I put it together, chilled it for several hours, told a few friends the story and had them try it to see if it worked (I know, a little la…