Pie Birds (a repost to archive)

About 10 years ago, I received a present from my mother-in-law.  It was a beautiful red (wonderful color) pie dish with this ceramic bird in a plastic box.  The plate I was thrilled with, but the BIRD?  Why was this bird in the pie dish.  It was cute, but so are a lot other things!  I used the pie plate a lot, but put the bird away.  Then, one day, I was reading in one of my favorite magazine, Country Living, and saw that there were people out there actually collecting pie birds!  I remembered receiving a pie bird and quickly looked through my kitchen gadgets and found it.  I made an apple pie with the bird in the middle and it came out fun and delicious.

What the pie does is it gives the pie (a double crust fruit pie) an outlet for the steam to escape, thus making it so your pie filling stays in the pie and not all over your oven!!

Take your pie crust and cover the bottom of the pie dish.  Center the pie bird in the pie plate, on top of the crust.   Place the filling into the pie and around the bird.  make two slices with your knife in the center of the top crust (allowing enough room to let the pie bird come through) and place the crust over the filled pie.  Nestle the crust around the outside of the bird.  then bake your pie as usual.  VOILA!  you could be like the kind and four and twenty black birds baked in a pie!  Only for this one, you just use the one bird!  Enjoy!  - HAWLEY

Pie Birds available on Amazon.com.

Look for several pie recipes later this week, featuring the pie birds!