Strawberry Banana Dixie Trifle

So this is a variation on a theme.   A few years ago I created in a frenzied moment, a trifle dessert at the last minute.  All I had was a leftover cake, some bananas and a few other dairy items.   I put together a dessert that has become quite the favorite of my friends (and on here).   
With a little bit of time and some more creativity, I came up with this updated version.   I call it Strawberry Banana Dixie trifle.   
Here is the link to the original recipe.   Dixie Banana Trifle Original recipe
The changes I made:  

I layer in fresh strawberries sprinkled with a bit of sugar.  I also added some shaved milk chocolate to the top and layered the entire dessert in a lovely trifle dessert dish.