Welcome to The Plucky Housewives

Colonial Women, 1876.  H.W. Pierce

Welcome to The Plucky Housewives blog. You are probably wondering where the term Plucky Housewives came from?  I am an avid collector of cookbooks, and a few years ago I came across the "Buckeye Cookery, And Practical Housekeeping: Compiled from Original Recipes." Inside the front cover was a dedication "...to the plucky housewives of 1876, who master their work, instead of allowing it to master them." I looked up plucky in the dictionary and saw that it meant courageous.  No matter what the era, our desire as homemakers and caretakers is to manage our homes and families as best we can, which in today's economy is a necessity.  As Plucky Housewives, our goal is to create warm and rich memories for our families and loved ones through the food we make and share.   It’s never been just about the food!  It is through these memories that we carry our love to the next generation.

The Plucky Housewives Blogspot blog is just the beginning.  Coming in June we will be launching a full-blown web community where we will be able to provide any and all who are looking for helps, suggestions and support on how to better master their work at home! 

Just as the plucky housewives of 1876 often revised and updated their cookery, our web community will be our mode to keep all of our readers up-to-date on new foods, equipment, techniques, recipes, and a place for the kitchen artisan to share their wares with our readers.

For now, we will be giving you a flavor of what is to come!  Please join our blog!  Follow us, comment, tell us your stories surrounding your favorite recipes and home traditions.  We'll be asking you to share your tips and tricks!

Thanks for being a Plucky Housewife!