Pavlova - A Heavenly Cloud

A Pavlova Cake - yes, there is such a thing.   I decided I was going to conquer my hesitancy in making meringue.    So what do I choose - A berry meringue staked cake.  Yup.  Go big or go home.

I did do several days of research to figure out what exactly I wanted to do and to tweet recipes - of course.  I settled on a traditional meringue and a vanilla pastry cream - basics.   Topped it with fresh berries.

So the berries needed to be placed better - I just sort of piled them on at the end.  I have to say, the meringue was marshmallowy and yet the crust was crunchy.  The pastry cream was perfect, smooth and creamy and held up beautifully.

This is a keeper people.  

I will add the recipe later this week!