Hello everyone!

It has been awhile since we have last posted.  We have not forgotten.  We have been so busy preparing to go live with the new website and are almost there.  Fortunately, we will link our blogspot blog directly to the new website (pluckyhousewives.com), so no need to worry about redirects or trying to find us!

We will be posting regularly starting next week.  There are some great things shaping up for Plucky and we want to share some of those special happenings with all of you, our faithful readers.

Look for posts on an almost daily basis.  We will be trying out and testing new recipes, asking for opinions and looking for you to share your ideas with us.  We will have questions and ask for input.  We want our readers to be a special component of the upcoming launch of Plucky!

So watch closely.  Sign up for updates so you are notified immediately when we post a new entry.  Share our site.  Visit us on Instagram and Facebook.  Follow us on Twitter.

We want you to hear from you!!

And away we go!